Flag Care Instructions

U.S. American Flag Care Instructions 
Our flags are manufactured using the highest quality U.S. made materials available. They give exceptional service in exchange for reasonable care. Wind, water, sun, dirt, and neglect are the major enemies of a flag. No one can control the weather but you can take some important steps to lengthen the life of your flag:
• Periodically, gently wash your flag in cool water with mild detergent. Line or flat dry thoroughly to prevent mildew. If wrinkled, use the appropriate heat setting on your iron for the flag fabric.
• At the first sign of fraying have your flag repaired before further damage is done. Extremely torn or frayed flags should be disposed of properly following the U.S. Flag Code. • Always keep your flagpole as clean as possible. Move your pole if your flag does not have adequate room to fly unobstructed.
• To extend the life of your flag we recommend having two flags and rotating them throughout the year.
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