Airflyte Rosewood Stained Piano-Finish Gavel / Sounding Block

by Louisiana Trophies

If you need a Presentation Gavel and Sounding Block, these beautiful Piano-Finish ones can't be beaten. For Recognitions, Presidents, Chairpersons, and Honorable Judges. Each item is high-quality solid wood for rich beauty second to none.

***Not for Actual Use, Show Piece Only***

Choose from:

740 - 4-1/2"  Rosewood Sounding Block with Black Brass Plate

5120 - 10" Rosewood Gavel with Brass Band

5120SB - 10" Gavel and Sounding Block Set

Items are Individually Boxed

Price Includes Engraving on Front Plate and or Gavel Band if desired.

Email Us with engraving questions.