Airflyte Solid American walnut Perpetual plaque with 12 rounded plates.

by Louisiana Trophies

When you need a Classy Perpetual Plaque that is sure to turn heads, this Elliptical Plate plaque is the way to go. A beautiful way to Recognize deserving people! Each plaque is high-quality solid wood for rich beauty second to none.

Choose Plaque Size and Individual Plate Engraving if needed:

P3620 - 9" x 12"  (Includes 12 - 7/8" x 2-3/4" Blank Plates) 

P3620PE - SINGLE PLATE Engraved (Add as many as Needed to Cart *WITH AWARD PURCHASE ONLY*)

*** Future Engraving is NOT INCLUDED beyond Original Shipment of Award, for Plates needing engraving past original shipment you can use a Local Business or mail the plates back to us with all the information to be engraved and will be charged accordingly, usually $3.00 each ***

You can Always Email Us any Questions, we are Happy to Help! 

Plaques are Individually Boxed

Price Includes Header Plate Engraving and a Logo if desired - See Artwork Requirements

Email Us with Engraving questions