3 Ways to Celebrate Your Grad from Home

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We are living in unprecedented times, and many high school and college graduations are not going as planned this year. However, all across the world, parents, families, and friends are finding ways to celebrate their grad's success. Your grad may not have the ceremony they wanted, but it's still possible to honor them, even if you are at home. 

1) Have a virtual party

Video conferencing is one of the most popular ways we can all gather together without leaving our home. Schedule a virtual party with family and friends and have everyone join in congratulating your grad. You can even make it more of a personal video chat by reducing the number of people to close family, which will allow them to have a private conversation without feeling interrupted by others. You may also want to schedule a different time for your grad to celebrate with friends virtually, apart from family members. Consider adding fun ideas like goofy backgrounds, themed costumes, and food delivery for everyone to enjoy in their own home. 

2) Create a graduation video

Recruit family and friends to film a video congratulation your grad. Encourage everyone to submit a video to add in words of advice, and any wisdom they'd like to share. You can compile all these videos together and share them with your grad on their virtual graduation day. Consider adding in family photos, baby pictures, and home movies that will remind the grad how far they've come. You can use simple video editing software to compile everything and even add in final touches such as music. 

3) Decorate and do a photoshoot

Decorating your home will have a positive impact on your grad. Try and surprise them by getting up early or staying up late so they can be surprised the next day. Consider purchasing swag from your child's school or college and decorate according to colors. You may also want to decorate your child's bedroom door and even the garage door so the neighbors can enjoy the success too. 

To top it all off, have your child dress up in their cap and gown and turn their virtual graduation day into a fun photoshoot. If you can, encourage neighbors to come out and cheer them on and celebrate the moment with them. Be sure to include fun graduation gifts that commemorate a memorable time in your child's life. 

As graduation celebrations continue, it may feel disappointing to your grad that they aren't able to celebrate with friends or have their ceremony. With these ideas, you can turn the day around and still make it a memorable one.

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