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High school and college graduations are exciting occasions. While we may be experiencing an unprecedented moment in time with the current health crisis, we must not diminish the accomplishments of the students who we love and respect. Even if graduation ceremonies have been canceled, postponed, or restructured to a private event, it is important to show how proud we are of the graduates.

Graduation Traditions

Traditionally, students who are graduating send graduation invitations and announcements to friends and family in celebration of this milestone moment in their lives. In return, friends and family send gifts and well wishes to the graduate in recognition of this important accomplishment. 

Graduation gifts can range from sentimental tokens symbolizing the moment to items necessary for the next phase in life. The key to getting the perfect gift for your graduate is to merge the practical with the sentimental, giving them something that they will use and remember how proud you are of them.

Perks Of Personalization

Personalized gifts bring gift giving to the next level. Engraving a name, message, or monogram on items that a student can use creates an extra special and thoughtful touch. In essence, personalization makes everyday items unique pieces designed specifically for your loved one. 

Write It On Their Hearts

Students may not be in need of many things during the next phase of their life after graduation, but there are things that are universally used that through personalization can be made special. For instance, leatherette pen cases can be embossed with your student's name or a special message, creating a thoughtful yet utilitarian gift. 

Always In Need Of A Charger

Another great idea that any graduate can use is a wireless cell phone charger. Young people are immersed in a world of technology, and charging devices are welcomed items that are necessary and often needed. Wireless charging mats can be personalized with your message and come in an array of colors, creating a special gift that will be appreciated.

A Little Reminder

If you are looking for a gift that will be perfect for any student, consider a personalized key chain. Leather key chain bottle openers can deliver a big message to your student every time they grab their keys. Personalize the key chain in the color of your choice with their name, monogram, or a personal message to create a meaningful and useful gift. 

Where To Find All You Need

Whatever you choose to show recognition of your graduates' accomplishments, let LA Trophies create a personalized gift customized by you. This season, and every season, LA Trophies is here for you and all of your awards, trophies, and gift giving needs.

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