3 Benefits of Giving Trophies and Awards to Your Employees

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The employees are a critical component in determining which businesses fail and which ones thrive. Keeping your staff happy and motivated is essential for the company to operate smoothly and to keep customers happy. Next to more money, recognition is something most employees desire. For that reason, giving out commendations can be a strong incentive for your workers. Here are three benefits to giving trophies and awards to your employees.

3 Benefits of Giving Trophies and Awards to Your Employees

Increase Job Satisfaction and Improve Employee Retention

One of the key benefits of giving out physical awards and trophies is that it boosts employee morale and job satisfaction. Everyone wants to recognized for their efforts. Knowing that they work for an organization that appreciates their workers can increase job satisfaction. Physical awards, such as trophies, plaques, and medals, are great options because it's something tangible that the employee gets to keep. Whereas a nice comment from the boss will eventually be forgotten, physical awards are an ongoing reminder that the company appreciates the employee. Just the fact that the company offers the award can be an incentive for some workers to try harder. Friendly competition can bring out the best in employees.

Improving job satisfaction has the added benefit of increasing employee retention. When workers don't feel appreciated, they begin to look for work in other places. Employee retention problems can also have a snowball effect, reducing employee morale which can lead to even more people leaving. Hiring and training employees can be expensive. Giving out awards to improve morale is a cost-effective way to reduce employee churn.

Develop a Team Culture Among Your Staff

Trophies and awards are also an excellent way to build team spirit among the people in the staff. Giving prizes to all of the members of a successful team will make the team appreciate the contributions of the other members. And seeing one group recognized will encourage other teams to work together more effectively.  Giving out team awards can also encourage team members to interact with each other in more positive ways since they are looking for a shared award instead of individual praise.

Giving out single awards within a team can also be an effective way to build the team culture. When done correctly, honoring a member of the team can help team members get to know each other and how the efforts of a particular person can benefit everyone on the team. Business leaders can also encourage workers to recommend each other for an award. This tactic can help the team see the value in the work of their teammates.

Boost Worker Productivity

Giving out physical awards can boost worker effectiveness and the overall productivity of the organization. As was mentioned earlier, trophies and awards can increase employee morale. Business leaders may not realize how much of boost in productivity that a boost in confidence can bring. You can also use awards to incentivize certain productivity boosting behaviors. A business that implements a new system can give a prize to the person that utilizes it the best. This action encourages employees to share and adopt the most effective techniques.

Customer service awards are another area where trophies and awards can improve effectiveness. Honoring the employees who go the extra mile to please customers will incentivize such behavior among the rest of the staff.

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