4 Great Personalized Ways to Reward Your Team

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A team is at its best when all of the members are doing their best for the group effort. Business leaders to continually encourage their team so they can produce the best work. Awards and trophies can be an excellent incentive for an organization. When you show workers being rewarded for putting in their best efforts, others are encouraged to do the same. Here are four ways to reward your team through personalized awards.

Resin Plates & Shield Trophies

Trophies are an excellent way to reward stand-out members of your team, but it’s something everyone already knows about. If you’re looking for traditional metal cup trophies, Lousiana Trophies has a great selection of styles and sizes. However, you should take a look at our resin plate and shield trophies for an award that’s unique and eye-catching. These awards feature a plate with a raised, colored image. Additionally, you can customize the bottom with an engraving. They serve the same function as metal cup trophies but with more style. We have resin plates and shields with patriotic imagery, cars and trucks, religious iconography, and more. These awards are more distinct than traditional trophies, and that could make team members work harder to win one of their own.

Wall Clock Plaques

Most awards aren't designed to serve a function other than to look nice. There's nothing wrong with these traditional awards, but they don't give the recipient a lot of reasons to look at it after they've won it. If you want to give team members of reward that can serve as a constant reminder, put it onto something they look at regularly. The benefit of wall clock plaques is that they serve a useful purpose and honor the team member who received it. Most people already have a wall clock in their office, so it’s easy to swap that out with a wall clock plaque award. Encouraging people to keep their awards in a place where the rest of the team can see it helps to continually encourage the members of the team. The wall clock plaques you can find at Louisiana Trophies are elegant and stylish. Plus, you can choose different styles and sizes for the plaque.

Art Glass Awards

Metal cup trophies are nice, but they can be hard to use for traditional office decorations. If you want an award that your team members will be proud to display on their desk, consider one of the art glass awards from Lousiana Trophies. These awards are made from beautifully sculpted glass that makes for an excellent decoration, even if it wasn’t an award. Our selection includes dozens of art glass award styles. You can get a traditional plaque with a glass background. Or you can personalize one of the glass art sculptures as a reward for team members. These pieces are stunningly beautiful, and it makes the physical award just as desirable as the bonus or prize.

Perpetual Plaques

As an organization grows, so does the risk that team members will feel their contributions don’t matter. Taking the time to show appreciation for the individual efforts of team members can help to combat this issue. One way an organization can do this is by using perpetual plaques to honor award winners. A perpetual plaque contains multiple spaces that can be engraved with the names of award winners. These displays serve as an enduring reminder that the organization values the efforts of the individual. The plaque can also help team members see themselves as the continuation of a team that has existed for a long time. It’s not uncommon for an organization with long histories to have perpetual plaques with the names of family members from the current team. Perpetual plaques carry more weight the longer they’ve been around, but you have to start somewhere. Check out the Louisiana Trophies selection of perpetual plaques if you think this a way you would like to reward your team. 

No matter how you wish to reward the members of your team, Louisiana Trophies has something to suit your needs. We have a vast selection of gifts and awards that can be engraved, customized and personalized. Our items are sure to make a great impression with the recipient and boost the morale of your organization. Send us a message online if you have any questions about finding the right kind of award or trophy for your team.

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